Fun Music for Little Kids: Transport

Fun Music for Little Kids: Transport
Title: Transport
Label: CD Baby

The Transport album features the talents of Ian Blake (who played all of the instruments and arranged the songs) and Lynne Pilbrow (who wrote a lot of the songs and sang them), with a guest appearance by children's entertainer Mike Jackson (appearing with Ian Blake on the Hokey Pokey). The songs on the Transport album introduce young children to musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, dynamics and tempo in fun and engaging ways.

1.1 Music Fun
1.2 Let's Go
1.3 Let's Go (Instrumental)
1.4 We Are All Stamping
1.5 We Are All Stamping (Instrumental)
1.6 We Are All Driving
1.7 Vroom Vroom
1.8 Red Light! Stop!
1.9 Racing Car
1.10 South Australia (Instrumental)
1.11 Click Clack
1.12 Engine Engine Number Nine
1.13 Down By the Station
1.14 Stretching and Bending
1.15 Flying High
1.16 Flying High (Instrumental)
1.17 We Are All Flying
1.18 Zoom! Fly! Stop!
1.19 We Are All Playing
1.20 Grimstock (Instrumental)
1.21 Big Blue Bus
1.22 The Wheels on the Bus
1.23 A Sailor Went to Sea
1.24 Row Your Boat
1.25 Charlie Over the Water
1.26 The Alley Alley O
1.27 Michael Row the Boat Ashore
1.28 Michael Row the Boat Ashore (Instrumental)
1.29 Hokey Pokey
1.30 Big Trucks, Little Trucks
1.31 Monster Truck
1.32 Monster Truck (Instrumental)
1.33 Fire Engine
1.34 Twinkle Twinkle
1.35 Twinkle Twinkle (Instrumental)
1.36 Rocket Rocket
1.37 Sally Go 'Round the Stars
1.38 Sally Go 'Round the Stars (Instrumental)
1.39 I'm a Little Rocket
1.40 I'm a Little Star
1.41 Hi There Everyone
1.42 What Is This Instrument?
1.43 Let's Put the Instruments Away
1.44 Let's Make a Circle
1.45 Throw the Scarf
1.46 My Pigeon House

Fun Music for Little Kids: Transport

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