Dan Smith: Tales of Abercrombie 2

Dan Smith: Tales of Abercrombie 2
Title: Tales of Abercrombie 2
Label: CD Baby

The 'Tale' of Tales of Abercrombie Fun, catchy, and amusing songs are the trademark of Tales of Abercrombie. You'll hear songs either crafted as extended tales of beloved nursery rhymes or created from the minds of the children in all of us. Both Tales of Abercrombie CD's emerge from the children's perspective and cover a broad range of topics important to children. Nursery rhymes are the foundation for fun, but other topics include dinosaurs, favorite foods, tub time, rules of the household and other issues associated with growing up. The lyrics are fresh and amusing, and the tunes are catchy. Many songs will have the children up and dancing or acting out parts of the story. Two CD's and 31 songs later, Tales of Abercrombie is known to many as a collection of songs that are great for the kids, but also good fun for mom and dad too! Dan Smith incorporates music into his Kindergarten teaching in the Fairfield, Connecticut school system. He finds that his students are great fans, the harshest of critics, and provide an endless stream of new material! Knowing the power of humor in delivering his lessons, Dan let's the children in on the jokes, creating amusing and fun songs. Dan's natural storytelling ability raises you up and moves you to shake your body or tap your toes. Dan's strengths are his song writing, his guitar playing and his ability to hear a song in his head before it is even written! Dan also happens to be the father of the greatest six-year-old boy on the planet and the most beautiful two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Ray Howell's influence and talent is immediately recognizable on the second Tales of Abercrombie CD! Ray is an accomplished bassist and has a style that makes music come alive. His creative and impressive bass lines blends solidly with his background vocals. Ray will be the first to admit he would rather play than sing. Ray has been playing his bass since 1982 and the Tales of Abercrombie world has benefited greatly from his talent. Ray also contributes melodies and lyrics to the collaborative efforts of the group. Being the father of three young boys, Ray enjoys a wealth of life experience to draw upon for compositions! Tara Brophy is Tales of Abercrombie's newest member. Tara is an accomplished songwriter and singer and we all look forward to collaborating with her on future projects. Being a teacher gives her great composure in front of audiences and her great sense of humor is a tremendous benefit. Being a mother of two young children, Tara can also tell the 'tale' from the mom's perspective. We're all very excited to have Tara with us! Tales of Abercrombie started nine years ago when Dan Smith started to forget the songs that he had written for his Kindergarten classroom. Dan collaborated with a friend to record them and the rest, as is said, is history.

1.1 Shake My Body
1.2 Rainin'
1.3 Mary Morey
1.4 On My Own
1.5 Hey Diddle, Diddle
1.6 Crooked Man
1.7 Humpty Dumpty
1.8 Pentius T. Goofenbacher
1.9 Boom!
1.10 Belly Achin' Blues
1.11 Eat Your Pants
1.12 Trouble with Twins
1.13 Popcorn
1.14 Mary Moreyquick
1.15 Daydream
1.16 Hey Suzi
1.17 Good Morning

Dan Smith: Tales of Abercrombie 2

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