Caspar Babypants: EASY BREEZY!

Caspar Babypants: EASY BREEZY!
Label: Aurora Elephant

Well, here we are at the end of an amazing ride. EASY BREEZY! Will be the LAST full length Caspar Babypants album. I have said what I wanted to say and achieved what I set out to achieve over the course of 19 albums in 10 years and I feel extremely proud to cap off the decade long run with this album of silly, happy, tender, bouncy little songs! EASY BREEZY! #is a really fun little album and I hope you love it like I do when you hear it. There are story songs about cookies and balloons and love songs about feeling sad and happy songs about monkeys that won't got to bed and nostalgic songs about my own childhood and snow storms among many others. Best to you all, Caspar Babypants!

1.1 Babies All Over the World
1.2 I Am a Loose Balloon
1.3 Sunny Summer Sun
1.4 Old Cookie
1.5 Supersonic Motorcycles
1.6 Awesome Blossom
1.7 Spooky Baby
1.8 Toy Boat
1.9 Put This Monkey to Bed
1.10 Invisible Lizard
1.11 Love You More
1.12 What If?
1.13 Two Is One More Than One
1.14 Sour Sweetheart
1.15 Weird Weird Dream
1.16 Car with the Lights Left on
1.17 The Ballad of the Babypants
1.18 Caterpillar Jazz
1.19 When I Was Little
1.20 Snowy Blanket

Caspar Babypants: EASY BREEZY!

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