Bash the Trash: Think Big

Bash the Trash: Think Big
Title: Think Big
Label: CD Baby

Think Big is the first album by Bash the Trash, with songs and music written during 25 years of non-stop performing. Spanning genres as well as generations, BTT's music has been experienced and loved by children and their adults in venues around the United States and the world. The instruments are built from ordinary stuff that you would normally throw away, but they sound amazing - sometimes like real instruments, sometimes like nothing else on earth. In fact, in some cases they have to be seen to be believed, so there is an associated website with pictures and video of the instruments in action as well as instructions to build your own. Founded and directed by the husband-and-wife creative team of John Bertles and Carina Piaggio, BTT has been building, performing and educating since 1992. BTT performers come from a wide spectrum of the music field - jazz, classical, latin, orchestral, microtonal, EDM, world, etc - and focus their amazing talents on our notoriously cranky, thorny and difficult-to-play instruments from which they somehow coax wonderfully weird and otherworldly sounds. Just to fair, we sometimes invite 'real' instruments to join in... Here's what reviewers have said about BTT performances: '...a display of musical virtuosity, refined clowning and creative thinking.' - Daily Eastchester '...serious musicians who find a melody in their trash...Bash the Trash used it's signature found objects and castoffs to create inimitable sound...' - New York Times 'From the second that Bash the Trash took the stage the kids were enthralled, attentive and laughing...' - Ellicott City Patch 'The most inspiring performance I've seen in a while.' - NY Daily News ______ What's on the album: 1. Bash Trash Jump - this bouncy boogie-woogie number proves that there are remarkably few synonyms for 'trash' in the English language 2. Thing Jam - a percussive bit of mayhem that we have performed literally thousands of times with kids. In this version we kick out the stops with a duel between two of our drumming specialists 3. Ice Cream Tragedy - you could just taste it, you could, the best one you ever had...and then... IT happened.... 4. Surfin' Bertles - a festival favorite, featuring the straw oboe and the styrocello. This is the result when surf-punk meets trash-thrash and they thumb-wrestle for supremacy 5. Forbidden Tango - adults are always telling you to what do and what not to do. Why do they bother? 6. The Choke Artist - you don't want to run into this dude in a dark alley. Or in a brightly lit alley. Or anywhere else.... 7. Gonna Bash the Trash - BTT anthem and mission statement all rolled into one 8. You Really Got Me - BTT's version of the classic rock tune by Ray Davies and the Kinks, and our only cover song... so far... until we do 'Spill the Wine'.... 9. Lullaby of Heart's Desire - it is possible to get everything you ever wanted....all you need to do is close your eyes... 10. Think Big - kids save the world! Featuring the Munchkin Tabernacle Choir 11. BT Boogie - BTT spent a week performing in Lafayette LA, the heart of Cajun music, and this Cajun-inspired number was penned on the flight home ________ Who's on the album Ian Bertles - hubcaps 2 John Bertles - bendjo 7, tubes 2,7, stringong 6, straw oboe 1,4,6,10, backup vocals 10 Benjamin Bryden - tenor sax 1,6,8,10 Moppa Elliott - trashbass 1,3,5,9,10,11 Seth Fruiterman - lead vocals 3,9, backup vocals 5,10, accordion 1,3,5,9,10,11 Nathan Hetherington - lead vocals 1,5,7,8,10,11, backup vocals 3,9 Erika Kapin - violin 1,3,5,9,10,11 Rohin Khemani - trash drums 1,3,5,9,10,11, coffee-can-scrapey-shaky-thing 5,11 Skip La Plante - styrocello 4,6,7, pots 4,6, qanun 8 Nadje Noordhuis - trumpet 1,6,8,10 Barry Olsen - trombone 1,6,8,10 Carina Piaggio - xylophone 2,4, tilimba 6, bangcello 7, pots 6 Martin Urbach - trash drums 2,4,6,7,8, tubes 4,6,8, xylophone 4,6, shaker 8, hubcaps 4 Album Credits: Produced by John Bertles & Carina Piaggio Recorded by Phil Lee & Trevor Collins at CityVox NY and Matt Noble at Riverworks Studio Dobbs Ferry NY Engineered and Mastered by Trevor Collins at CityVox NY Artwork: TB Ward Photos: John Maggiotto, Sarah Ratner, Priscilla Ortiz THANKS TO: (St.) Phil Lee and Trevor Collins without whom this would never have happened, the 92nd St Y, the Hermitage Artist Retreat, Mark Bertles, Fran & Dave at CityVox, ALL the musicians for bringing their ideas, their skill and their enthusiasm into the studio, Ian who put up with this for so long, and of course the fuzzy gray muse. This album is dedicated to Linda, so sorry you missed it.

1.1 Bash Trash Jump
1.2 Thing Jam
1.3 Ice Cream Tragedy
1.4 Surfin' Bertles
1.5 Forbidden Tango
1.6 The Choke Artist
1.7 Gonna Bash the Trash
1.8 You Really Got Me
1.9 Lullaby of Heart's Desire
1.10 Thing Big
1.11 BT Boogie

Bash the Trash: Think Big

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