Turiya Nada: Enlightening Yoga Music

Turiya Nada: Enlightening Yoga Music
Title: Enlightening Yoga Music
Label: CD Baby

Raise your Consciousness with Turiya Nada 'Cave of the Siddhars'. Conscious Multimedia Database applies Dr. David Hawkins' revolutionary conscious calibrations through the use of applied kinesiology. According to Dr. Hawkins' Map of Consciousness, any vibrations above 500 heals and that above 800 enlightens. Kinesiology vibrations above 1000 is said to be rare on planet earth. 'Cave of the Siddhars' has been calculated to have broken the limits of '1000'. Product Description The Ultimate Consciousness Music! Cave of the Siddhars has calibrated at the level of enlightenment on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness. - Combines powerful Siddhar mantra chants of the enlightened yogis of South India with the didgeridoo, harp and percussion. - Chants that have secretive and hidden for thousands of years even in most of India. - CD includes 12 page booklet including the chants and an insight into the mystical yogi traditions. - Enhance the depth, intensity and intent of your yoga & meditation. - Transform your inner and outer world by simply listening and enjoying Source energies! Cave of the Siddhars is the sacred transmission of powerful and potent mantras and meditative energies that have been passed down through an ancient lineage of enlightened Sages, the Siddhars of South India. Accompanied by the didgeridoo, harp, singing bowls, djembe, udu, gongs, flute and other instruments, each track of Turiya Nada's Cave of the Siddhars will take you on a mystical spiritual journey of transformation and ancient joy. About the Siddhar Sages: The Siddhars are enlightened Sages who journey beyond the realms of the limited mind state. They are in the state of higher consciousness that is beyond sleep, dream and wake. It is this divine state called Turiya that they sing and chant and dance in the higher resonance with sublime bliss. Chants by Nandhi: Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Nandhi is a visionary, a yogi, an artist and a musician. He was born and raised in South India. After nearly two decades of rigorous yogic training and meditative practice under the guiding influence of several enlightened masters who are from the lineage of the Siddhars. From them, he learned the secret wisdom of an unbroken lineage of several thousand years of tradition. Nandhi was initiated into advanced yogic practices that are seldom known outside the Siddhar initiate's circle. Didgeridoo by Cofe Fiakpui: The mystical didgeridoo played by Cofe builds the fire within the music and chants. The primal vibration heals the mind and body. Cofe was initiated as a didgeridoo master in Himalayas through mantras of the sacred breath. Feedbacks on Cave of the Siddhars ..It was the deep breathing of a human being, the music of this in-and-out dance of Eternity in the flesh. The instrument of the breath seemed to gather all other instruments around it, so that the final impression of this music was one of hearing the human breath and the Divine Breath as one. May this union awaken us all. --Shakthi Ayurveda Magazine Jan 2006 Cave of the Siddhars is an album that you cannot simply read aboutyou need to hear it to understand the power it possesses. There is definitely a primal power that channels through the compositions, something mystical and ancient.. --Music Design Review Dec 2005 Turiya Nada has manifested a powerful, alluring and captivating CD that allows all listeners to transcend mortal boundaries. Mystic Radio, Aug 2004 Key to unlock more than a 'potential' within. A key to have the Universe, the Universe Energy! PhenomeNEWS music review July 2004 For yoga, meditation, visualization or relaxation this is one of the most complete musical journeys I have listened to! Visions Magazine Review Dec 2004 'incredibly hypnotic atmosphere .. with the haunting vocals of Nandhi.. definitely a primal sort of power .. mystical and ancient.' Music Design- Nov/Dec Review '.. presence of the Siddhars penetrates into every fibre. Truly inspirational music for the first through seventh chakra. ' Robert Sachs, author of The Passionate Buddha.

1.1 Dance of the Siddhars
1.2 Siddha Joy
1.3 Siddha Intensity
1.4 Cave of the Siddhars

Turiya Nada: Enlightening Yoga Music

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