Tom and Chris Kastle: Familiar Waters

Tom and Chris Kastle: Familiar Waters
Title: Familiar Waters
Label: CD Baby

Tom and Chris Kastle are singers, sailors, songwriters, and storytellers from the Great Lakes where they are considered 'Chicago's first family of maritime music'. The scope of their music is worldwide and reflects travel to Europe, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. Both have served as crew and instructors aboard traditionally rigged sailing ships. Tom is a working schooner captain. Tom and Chris are co-directors and founders of the Chicago Maritime Festival.

1.1 The Tow-Rope Girls
1.2 Hand Over Hand
1.3 Golden Vanity
1.4 Bounding Billows
1.5 Bully in the Alley
1.6 My Johnny Was a Shoemaker
1.7 Mingulay Boat Song
1.8 Tautai E (The Master Fisherman)
1.9 Blow the Candles Out
1.10 Fathom the Bowl
1.11 Wave Over Wave

Tom and Chris Kastle: Familiar Waters

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