Spiritrio: Episode I

Spiritrio: Episode I
Title: Episode I
Artist: Spiritrio
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 887516970283
Genre: Jazz

Spiritrio is Anthony Wonsey, Dimitri Kolesnik, and Brandon Lewis' brand new and successful take on the piano trio format. While never straying too far from popular jazz forms, the group has bold compositional ideas and feels constantly fresh thanks to it's energy, interactivity, and tasteful use of an exceptionally high technical skill set. Wonsey's piano playing is thoughtful and mature, and it covers a lot of ground, from fast-paced aggressive riffs and vamps, to slower, often beautiful melodic runs. Lewis' drumming is absolutely nonstop, swinging hard and fast with busy, yet tasteful snare work and on-the-spot flexibility that is engaging without distracting. Kolesnik's bass rounds out the group's sound with wonderful solos and a foundation that is both versatile and rock-solid, ensuring that they are limited by neither speed nor style. This group truly features each player at the top of his game.

1.1 Yoko's Delight
1.2 Giving Rise to Doubt
1.3 Blues for Hiroshi
1.4 Regrets
1.5 The Thang
1.6 White Nights, Gray Days
1.7 Paradise Lost
1.8 Blues for R.C
1.9 Blacker Black's Revenge

Spiritrio: Episode I


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