Proseed: Depth in Shallows

Proseed: Depth in Shallows
Title: Depth in Shallows
Artist: Proseed
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 885007411390
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Known for his dynamic stage performance, commanding lyrics and countervailing subject matter, Proseed has directed his efforts this time around toward crafting an album devoid of inconsistencies, contradictions and flaws. In a twist of irony, he has cultivated an album not only targeted at the wider world but one that is also rich with reflections on hip hop's many limitations, including it's tendency toward shallowness, vanity and narcissism. CD purchase includes a bonus track, 'Pluto,' produced by DJ Drama-J.

1.1 Depth in Shallows
1.2 Rising Wake
1.3 Real Security
1.4 Communication Problems
1.5 The Broken Hockey Stick
1.6 Triumph Is Beyond Live
1.7 Scheer Truth (Interlude)
1.8 Izombie
1.9 My Sweet Valentine
1.10 Hearoes
1.11 Inside Looking Out
1.12 Better Days

Proseed: Depth in Shallows


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