Madvillain: Madvillainy

Madvillainy: Madvillainy
Title: Madvillainy
Label: Stones Throw

Madlib the producer and MF Doom the MC - two of indie hip hop's most celebrated and debated. Madvillain is their collaboration, the subject of speculation and controversy among their diverse body of fans since they announced the project a year ago. This is pure unadulterated hip hop.

1.1 The Illest Villains
1.2 Accordion
1.3 Meat Grinder
1.4 Bistro
1.5 Raid
1.6 America's Most Blunted
1.7 Sickfit (Instrumental)
1.8 Rainbows
1.9 Curls
1.10 Do Not Fire! (Instrumental)
1.11 Money Folder
1.12 Shadows of Tomorrow
1.13 Operation Lifesaver/Mint Test
1.14 Figaro
1.15 Hardcore Hustle
1.16 Strange Ways
1.17 Fancy Clown
1.18 Eye
1.19 Supervillain Theme (Instrumental)
1.20 All Caps
1.21 Great Day
1.22 Rhinestone Cowboy

Madvillain: Madvillainy

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