Little Feat: Waiting for Columbus

Little Feat: Waiting for Columbus
Title: Waiting for Columbus
Label: Rhino

Little Feat's classic 1978 live double album, reissued complete on 2 CDs with 10 bonus tracks, seven unissued (mostly unheard mixes)! That unreleased material joins such classic fare as Oh Atlanta; Dixie Chicken; Willin', and Tripe Face Boogie one of the better live albums ever waxed.

1.1 Join the Band
1.2 Fat Man in the Bathtub
1.3 All That You Dream
1.4 Oh Atlanta
1.5 Old Folks' Boogie
1.6 Dixie Chicken
1.7 Tripe Face Boogie
1.8 Rocket in My Pocket
1.9 Time Loves a Hero
1.10 Day or Night
1.11 Mercenary Territory
1.12 Spanish Moon
2.1 Willin'
2.2 Don't Bogart That Joint
2.3 Apolitical Blues
2.4 Sailin' Shoes
2.5 Feats Don't Fail Me Now
2.6 One Love Stand (Outtake)
2.7 Rock and Roll Doctor (Outtake)
2.8 Skin It Back (Outtake)
2.9 On Your Way Down (Outtake)
2.10 Walkin All Night (Outtake)
2.11 Cold, Cold, Cold (Outtake)
2.12 Day at the Dog Races (Outtake)
2.13 Skin It Back (Outtake First Issued on "Hoy-Hoy!")
2.14 Red Streamliner (Outtake First Issued on "Hoy-Hoy!")
2.15 Teenage Nervous Breakdown (Outtake First Issued on "Hoy-Hoy!")

Little Feat: Waiting for Columbus

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