Lemon Bird: Hangman & Jury

Lemon Bird: Hangman & Jury
Title: Hangman & Jury
Label: CD Baby

After the soaring first flight on the wings of Rara Avis comes a new flight. This is Hangman and the Jury; eleven new eggs in the Lemon Bird nest. Perfectly shaped and fully developed, they're ready to explode into your ears and beautify your mind with the sound that can only be Lemon Bird. The little Lemon Bird has indeed flown and now we find them bringing it all home after finding new adventures in the wild landscapes of rock and blues. Come listen to what the little Lemon Bird has discovered. We think you're gonna like it. We think you're really gonna to like it. Remember, the little Lemon Bird never disappoints; it only satisfies.

1.1 Look Out for Love
1.2 Black Heart Woman
1.3 Get You
1.4 Market Street
1.5 Down the Hatch
1.6 Melodrama
1.7 Joyride
1.8 Shooting Star
1.9 Good Times
1.10 The Mole
1.11 Hangman and the Jury

Lemon Bird: Hangman & Jury

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