Diehl, Larry: Close to the Soul

Larry Diehl: Close to the Soul
Title: Close to the Soul
Artist: Diehl, Larry
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501889506
Genre: Folk

Quotes: ~ "Larry's music is smart and soulful" David Jacobs-Strain ~ "There is a calm, a power and a sweetness to this man's music that comes without effort - a natural gift born from a family tradition and a deep sense of knowing what things are truly worth. You know it when you hear it, and you feel it before you know it.' Keith Greeninger' ~ "Larry Diehl, is the real deal. He lays down a groove as deep as a prairie plow and has the heart of a team of Clydesdale's. Together that makes for fertile ground yielding very soulful songs." Johnsmith ~ "Larry has it all-beautifully crafted songs, moving melodies, guitar parts so perfect that many could stand on their own as instrumentals, and a warm, smoky voice that wraps around you like an heirloom quilt." Steve Meckfessel ~ Larry Diehl is a hard working, soulful cat, Ray Bonneville.

1.1 Gentle Soul
1.2 Edge of the Outskirts
1.3 Box of This and That
1.4 Virginia
1.5 Metal and Stone
1.6 Close to the Soul
1.7 Caves at Calderon
1.8 Passing Through
1.9 What Will You Do
1.10 Ounce and a Gram
1.11 Further Down the Road
1.12 Days Are Still Long

Diehl, Larry: Close to the Soul


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