Johnny Maddox: Seven Little Stars & Man in the Moon

Johnny Maddox: Seven Little Stars & Man in the Moon
Title: Seven Little Stars & Man in the Moon
Label: CD Baby

Johnny's music has always had a certain rambunctious rollicking quality that is uniquely his and instantly recognizable. It is this style of his that brings so vividly to life the era of ragtime and blues. It was this dedication to turn of the century melodies that led him to start recording ragtime in 1950. Johnny went on to single-handedly bring this indigenous American music back to the national consciousness. With over 45 albums and record sales of over 11 million, including 9 gold singles, it's no wonder Johnny Maddox is considered the King of Ragtime music.

1.1 Seven Little Stars (And the Man in the Moon)
1.2 Whistling Rufus
1.3 St. Louis Tickle
1.4 Crazy Bone Rag
1.5 When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam'
1.6 In My Harem
1.7 Rose of Honolulu
1.8 Waiting for the Robert E. Lee Alabama Jubilee
1.9 Huckleberry Finn the Story Ball
1.10 Some Sweet Day
1.11 My Little Bimbo (Down on the Bamboo Isle) Oh By Jingo! (Oh By Gee! You're the Only Girl for Me)
1.12 Your Eyes Have Told Me So
1.13 (I'll Be in My Dixie Home Again) To-Morrow (The Ladies' Man) Dapper Dan from Dixieland
1.14 Hard to Get Girtie Me Too
1.15 Crazy Rhythm
1.16 Henry's Made a Lady Out of Lizzie
1.17 Sleep, Baby, Sleep
1.18 Everything I Have Is Yours
1.19 I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan Freckle Face, You're Beautiful
1.20 Tennessee Blues [Johnny Maddox Solo] - Johnny Maddox
1.21 Price's Rag [Adam Swanson Solo] - Adam Swanson
1.22 Corsica (That French Rag)

Johnny Maddox: Seven Little Stars & Man in the Moon

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