Scalzi, Giancarlo: Missing Pieces of Scoundrel Rocco

Giancarlo Scalzi: Missing Pieces of Scoundrel Rocco
Title: Missing Pieces of Scoundrel Rocco
Artist: Scalzi, Giancarlo
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 700261380575
Genre: Rock

Before you stands realized the incomplete legacy of a rebel brother. Over the span of a life too soon over, Giancarlo Scalzi gave whimsied voice to his passion, his heartache, his doubt, his inspiration, and to his unending love of a life he left too soon. So often the heart of a vulnerable child, a strange mingling of tragedy and ecstasy, broke with compassion and anger and love. His music, his voice, his expression in all things rang of urgent demand to be heard and heeded. In the end, it was the children he brought his music to, who gave him the nicknames, the play, that brought him back to silly, humble, healing, loving kindness. I share his music with you, knowing that, had he been able to stay, these would have been but pieces. The music began when we were kids, worked it's way through Cat Stevens and Queen, found a soulmate in Jeff Buckley, and lived through loss with Peter Gabriel. Leonard Cohen was the poet's Rabbi and Life was the lesson. Inspired by Hafiz and Picasso, plucked away at while considering 'Persepolis,' sung on the streets of Japan and in the clubs of San Francisco and Seattle, it's intellectual undercurrent never defeated it's visceral impact. It settled on strings pulled by the learning, and resonated in the ears of the people he loved. It belongs to the Universe now. My brother, your music and my love are undying.

1.1 Bicycle
1.2 Medicine Wheel
1.3 Cold Night
1.4 Tin Man
1.5 Nightfall
1.6 Time Is Coming
1.7 Please
1.8 Angel
1.9 The Sky
1.10 Unum
1.11 Up a Tree
2.1 Walk Now
2.2 Stand
2.3 It's Over (Demo)
2.4 Dreamed It (Interlude)
2.5 Heal (Demo)
2.6 Angel (Live)
2.7 John Henry (Traditional)
2.8 Medicine Wheel (Live)
2.9 Waiting (Interlude)
2.10 Night Comes the Nevermore (Demo)
2.11 Bicycle (Alternate)
2.12 Vocal Notation (Interlude)
2.13 Tin Man (Acoustic)
2.14 Greedy (Demo)
2.15 Nightfall (Alternate)
2.16 Something Else Is Coming (Demo)
2.17 Show (Interlude)
2.18 I'm Not Sleeping (Demo)
2.19 Time Again (Demo)
2.20 Hit (Outro)

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Scalzi, Giancarlo: Missing Pieces of Scoundrel Rocco


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