Tucci, Dudu: Morena Do Sol

Dudu Tucci: Morena Do Sol
Title: Morena Do Sol
Artist: Tucci, Dudu
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 4013822012720
Genre: Latin Pop/Rock

Dudu Tucci is a reknown percussion master and teacher as well as a composer. As a soloist and leader of his band Brazil Power Drums Tucci plays in front of enthusiastic audiences around the world. His music is truly energetic, his concerts a magical experience of colourful rhythms of Brazil.

1.1 Morena Do Sol
1.2 Meu Maracatu Chegô
1.3 Sou Amarelo E Branco/Donde Yeda / Multidão
1.4 Quando Cheguei
1.5 Pedro y Lele
1.6 Calunga
1.7 Raio
1.8 Olo Oomi Maá Iyó / Ero Baba Mi / Orixá Baba / Arae Baba Um Jeje
1.9 Meu Tambor
1.10 Street
1.11 Sina
1.12 Afoxé Na Praça / Bahia Sol E Mar
1.13 A Corôa Do Rei
1.14 Olhar
1.15 Pai Benedito
1.16 Afoxé Na Praça (Remix)

Tucci, Dudu: Morena Do Sol


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