Antonia Jobim Carlos: Brasilia: Sinfonia Da Alvorada

Vinícius De Moraes: Brasilia: Sinfonia Da Alvorada
Title: Brasilia: Sinfonia Da Alvorada
Label: El Records

Digitally remastered recordings from the Brazilian songwriter and musician and Bossa Nova legend. For the Sinfonia Alvorada, Tom Jobim is conducting the orchestra with the participation of Radames Gnattali (piano), Vinicius de Moraes (words, poetry), Elizeth Cardoso (voice) and Os Cariocas (voices). Sinfonia da Alvorada is accompanied by another major Brazilian orchestral work, the Forest of the Amazon, by Heitor Villa-Lobos. Conducted by the composer in his last year, 1959, with the great Brazilian soprano Bidu Sayão, the piece displays the whole range of Villa-Lobos's style, brilliantly evoking the sounds and colors of the jungle with musical representations of birdsong, animal cries and jungle drums. El.

1.1 O Planalto Deserto (The Desert Tableland)
1.2 O Homem (Man)
1.3 A Chegada Dos Candangos (Arrival of the "Candangos")
1.4 O Trabalho E a Construo (The Work and the Building)
1.5 Coral (Chorus)
1.6 Overture
1.7 Deep in the Forest
1.8 Excitement Amongst the Indians
1.9 First Bird Song
1.10 Nature's Dance
1.11 Second Bird Song
1.12 Vocalise
1.13 Savage War Dance
1.14 Sails
1.15 On the Way to the Hunt
1.16 Third Bird Song
1.17 Twilight Song
1.18 Indians in Search of the Girl
1.19 Fourth Bird Song
1.20 Head Hunters
1.21 Blue Dusk
1.22 Love Song
1.23 Forest Fire

Antonia Jobim Carlos: Brasilia: Sinfonia Da Alvorada

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