Marcos Amorim: Cris on the Farm

Marcos Amorim: Cris on the Farm
Title: Cris on the Farm
Label: Adventure Music

Cris on the Farm' is Rio de Janeiro based guitarist Marcos Amorim's third album and represents both his U. S. and Adventure Music debut. Widely considered one of Brazil's rising young guitar talents, Amorim has performed throughout the world with some of. Adventure Music. 2004.

1.1 Juca and Helena
1.2 Manaira
1.3 Baden
1.4 Cristina Na Fazenda (Cris on the Farm)
1.5 Trenzinho Para Vera Cruz (Little Train to Vera Cruz)
1.6 O Boto (The Pink Dolphin)
1.7 Bons Amigos (Good Friends)
1.8 Largo Das Neves (Neves Plaza)
1.9 Sodalita (the Blue Stone)
1.10 Mr. Birdman
1.11 Procissao (Procession)

Marcos Amorim: Cris on the Farm

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