Charlie Byrd: Plays Jobim

Charlie Byrd: Plays Jobim
Title: Plays Jobim
Label: Concord Records

Charlie Byrd, the guitarist that brought the Brazilian bossa nova to mass US audiences in the 60s, continued his love affiar with Brazilian music throughout the rest of his life, in partiuclar, the music of Brazil's most revered bossa nova composer, Antonio Carlos Jobim.

1.1 Favela
1.2 Corcovado
1.3 Desafinado
1.4 How Insensitive
1.5 Agua de Beber
1.6 If You Never Come to Me
1.7 The Girl from Ipanema
1.8 Once I Loved
1.9 So Danco Samba
1.10 Zingaro
1.11 Someone to Light Up My Life
1.12 Meditation

Charlie Byrd: Plays Jobim

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