Rancid: Let the Dominoes Fall

Rancid: Let the Dominoes Fall
Title: Let the Dominoes Fall
Label: Pirate Press Records
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Rancid's most recent studio contribution, "Let the Dominoes Fall," was originally released as a box set but if you missed out on those, this is a great opportunity to pick up this record. It includes the acousitc session on high-quality, audiophile 7" vinyl, all with new collectible sleeve designs. 7" pack is bound together with a collectible, printed, faux leather obi-strip and is limited to 1,000 copies.

1.1 East Bay Night
1.2 This Place
1.3 Up to No Good
1.4 Last One to Die
1.5 Disconnected
2.1 I Ain't Worried
2.2 Damnation
2.3 New Orleans
3.1 Civilian Ways
3.2 The Bravest Kids
3.3 Skull City
4.1 L.A. River
4.2 Lulu
4.3 Dominoes Fall
4.4 Liberty and Freedom
5.1 You Want It, You Got It
5.2 Locomotive
5.3 That's Just the Way It Is
5.4 The Highway
6.1 East Bay Night -Acoustic
6.2 L.A. River -Acoustic
6.3 I Ain't Worried -Acoutsic
6.4 This Place -Acoustic
7.1 Disconnected -Acoustic
7.2 Liberty and Freedom -Acoustic
7.3 Dominoes Fall -Acoustic
7.4 New Orleans -Acoustic
8.1 You Want It, You Got It -Acoustic
8.2 Outgunned -Acoustic
8.3 The Bravest Kids -Acoustic
8.4 Last One to Die -Acoustic

Rancid: Let the Dominoes Fall

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Product-type:7-INCH SINGLE

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