Marty Robbins: Under Western Skies

Marty Robbins: Under Western Skies
Title: Under Western Skies
Label: Bear Family

Although he lived most of his life in Nashville, Marty Robbins never left the west behind. He proved that he could masterfully reinterpret classic western ballads, as well as write new ones every bit as good as the old ones. His western recordings for both Columbia and MCA are complete here, spanning the years 1958-1979. The set starts with 'The Hanging Tree', then encompasses the best-selling 'Gunfighter Ballads' albums that included such classic tracks as El Paso, Big Iron, Tonight Carmen, Mister Shorty, and The Cowboy In The Continental Suit, as well as the El Paso sequels like Feleena From El Paso and El Paso City.

1.1 El Paso (Long Version-Mono)
1.2 Cool Water
1.3 In the Valley
1.4 Running Gun
1.5 Big Iron
1.6 The Master's Call
1.7 The Little Green Valley
1.8 A Hundred and Sixty Acres
1.9 Billy the Kid
1.10 The Strawberry Roan
1.11 They're Hanging Me Tonight
1.12 Utah Carol
1.13 Saddle Tramp
1.14 She Was Young and She Was Pretty
1.15 Streets of Laredo
1.16 Little Joe, the Wrangler
1.17 I've Got No Use for the Women
1.18 Billy Venero
1.19 This Peaceful Sod
1.20 Five Brothers
1.21 San Angelo
1.22 Ballad of the Alamo (Thirteen Days of Glory)
1.23 The Hanging Tree
1.24 Jimmy Martinez
1.25 Ghost Train
1.26 Song of the Bandit
1.27 Wind
1.28 Prairie Fire
1.29 My Love
1.30 Ride Cowboy Ride
1.31 Red River Valley
1.32 The Bend in the River
1.33 When the Work's All Done This Fall
1.34 Abilene Rose
1.35 Dusty Winds
1.36 Old Red
1.37 Doggone Cowboy
1.38 When the Work's All Done This Fall
1.39 Small Man
1.40 The Red Hills of Utah
1.41 Tall Handsome Stranger
1.42 The Fastest Gun Around
1.43 San Angelo
1.44 Old Red
1.45 Man Walks Among Us
1.46 Johnny Fedavo
1.47 The Master's Call
1.48 El Paso (Short Version-Stereo)
1.49 The Cowboy in the Continental Suit
1.50 I'm Gonna Be a Cowboy
1.51 Cry Stampede
1.52 Oh, Virginia
1.53 Meet Me Tonight in Laredo
1.54 Take Me Back to the Prairie
1.55 The Wind Goes
1.56 An Old Pal, a Real Pal
1.57 Feleena (From El Paso)
1.58 Never Tie Me Down
1.59 Lonely Old Bunkhouse
1.60 Night Time on the Desert
1.61 Cottonwood Tree
1.62 Mister Shorty
1.63 When It's Lamplighting Time in the Valley
1.64 Is There Anything Left I Can Say
1.65 Tonight Carmen
1.66 Waiting in Reno
1.67 The Mission in Guadalajara
1.68 Love's Gone Away
1.69 Bound for Old Mexico
1.70 Chapel Bell Chime
1.71 Don't Go Away Senor
1.72 In the Valley of the Rio Grande
1.73 (The Girl with) Gardenias in Her Hair
1.74 Spanish Lullaby
1.75 That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine
1.76 Chant of the Wanderer
1.77 (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
1.78 South of the Border
1.79 Sundown (Ballad of Bill Thaxton)
1.80 Queen of the Big Rodeo
1.81 Ava Maria Morales
1.82 The Outlaws
1.83 El Paso City
1.84 I'm Kin to the Wind
1.85 Trail Dreamin'
1.86 She's Just a Drifter
1.87 Way Out There
1.88 The Ballad of the Small Man
1.89 Tumbling Tumbleweeds
1.90 San Angelo
1.91 Pride and the Badge
1.92 All Around Cowboy
1.93 Restless Cattle
1.94 The Dreamer
1.95 Lonely Old Bunkhouse
1.96 Ava Maria Morales (Undubbed)
1.97 Shotgun Rider

Marty Robbins: Under Western Skies

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