Jerry Portnoy: Blues Harmonica Masterclass

Jerry Portnoy: Blues Harmonica Masterclass
Title: Blues Harmonica Masterclass
Label: Jerry Portnoy's

3-CD box set with with instructional CDs & accompanying book is a comprehensive & easy-to-use lesson on how to learn to play the harmonica. Portnoy, who's been in the Muddy Waters & Eric Clapton bands, realized other instructional materials put all of the explanations into the text of a book, and the accompanying sound reference consisted only of playing examples, so Jerry put everything on the CDs so you don't have to switch back & forth between the two. He starts at the very beginning on how to hold the harmonica, all the way to milking special sounds & effects out of the harp, and finally includes blues guitar jams to play along with.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Holding the Harmonica
1.3 Chord Rhythm
1.4 Tongue Blocking
1.5 Changeover Scale
1.6 Syncopating Chords
1.7 Back Rhythm
1.8 Octaves
1.9 Draw Octaves
1.10 Simple Songs
1.11 Pursed Lips
1.12 Lip Blocking
1.13 Bar Structure
2.1 Intro to Bending Notes
2.2 Bending Techniques
2.3 Bends with Syncopating Chords
2.4 Bending Exercises
2.5 Upper Register Blow Bends
2.6 Transitions
2.7 2 Draw Vs. 3 Blow
2.8 Intro to Special Effects
2.9 Vibrato
2.10 Warbles
2.11 Flutters
2.12 Growls
2.13 Barks
2.14 Kiss Pops
2.15 Rips and Glisses
2.16 Double and Triple Tonguing
2.17 Turnaround Figure
2.18 Tongue Switching
2.19 Special Chords
2.20 Shaping Notes
2.21 Use of Hands
3.1 Breathing and Diaphragm Attack
3.2 Positions
3.3 "Saints" - 5 Positions
3.4 Boogies - 3 Positions
3.5 Mics, Amps, and Playing with a Band
3.6 Closing Remarks
3.7 E March with Harp
3.8 E March
3.9 E Shuffle with Harp
3.10 E Shuffle
3.11 E Blues with Harp
3.12 E Blues
3.13 A March with Harp
3.14 A March
3.15 A Shuffle with Harp
3.16 A Shuffle
3.17 A Blues with Harp
3.18 A Blues
3.19 B March with Harp
3.20 B March
3.21 B Shuffle with Harp
3.22 B Shuffle
3.23 B Minor Blues with Harp
3.24 B Minor Blues

Jerry Portnoy: Blues Harmonica Masterclass

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