Billy Walker: Cross the Brazos at Waco

Billy Walker: Cross the Brazos at Waco
Title: Cross the Brazos at Waco
Label: Bear Family

Bear Family is alone in documenting Billy Walker's career, starting with his first recordings for Capitol, and all the Columbia recordings, including the original version of Funny How Time Slips Away, and hits like Charlie's Shoes, Willie The Weeper, Cross The Brazos At Waco, and Thank You For Calling.Born in Ralls, Texas, on January 14, 1929, Billy was inspired by Gene Autry to take up music. After getting out of school in 1947, he worked various day jobs before beginning his career fronting for sometime Columbia artist Jimmy Lawson in 1948. He joined the Big D Jamboree in Dallas (where he was billed as the Traveling Texan and wore a Lone Ranger-styled mask) and worked for Hank Thompson in Waco. It was Thompson who got him his first contract with Capitol in 1949. Eighteen months later, Billy switched to Columbia. His first charted hit was Thank You For Calling in 1954.Billy joined the Louisiana Hayride in 1952, moved to the Ozark Jubilee in '54, flirted briefly with rock 'n' roll, and then returned to Texas to work the beer joints. In 1959, he moved to Nashville to join the Grand Ole Opry, and remained a member until his death. His records began charting with more regularity. His original version of Funny How Time Slips Away stalled at #23 on the country charts, but the follow-up, Charlie's Shoes, hit the top spot in 1962. He continued to chart records regularly into the 1980s, and his last records were on his own Tall Texan label.An engaging raconteur with a bottomless fund of stories, Billy was a much-loved character in Nashville. He was returning from a gig in Gulf Shores, Alabama when his van ran off the road and overturned. Those killed alongside him included his wife, Bettie, and a friend, Daniel Patton. - We at Bear Family have reissued one of Billy's rock 'n' roll recordings in our 'That'll Flat Git It' series, but we have also reissued all of his recordings complete from 1949-1965 on this complete 6-CD set.

1.1 Headin' for Heartaches
1.2 I'm Gonna Take My Heart Away from You
1.3 You're Gonna Pay with a Broken Heart
1.4 You Didn't Try and Didn't Care
1.5 Too Many Times
1.6 Dirt 'Neath Your Feet
1.7 I Guess I'll Have to Die
1.8 Anything Your Heart Desires
1.9 The Last Kiss Is the Sweetest
1.10 Alcohol Love
1.11 I Ain't Got No Roses
1.12 Beautiful Brown Eyes
1.13 Don't Tell a Soul I Love You
1.14 She's Got Honky Tonk Blood (In Her Veins)
1.15 What Would You Do
1.16 Always Think of You
1.17 Ting-A-Ling
1.18 Fifteen Hugs Past Midnight (Twenty Kisses)
1.19 Millie Darling
1.20 Anything Your Heart Desires
1.21 What Makes Me Love You (Like I Do)
1.22 One Heart's Beatin', One Heart's Cheatin'
1.23 If I Should Live That Long
1.24 Stolen Love
1.25 Who Took My Ring from Your Finger
1.26 Back Street Affair
1.27 You Can Talk Me Out of Anything (But You)
1.28 True Love's So Hard to Find
1.29 You Have My Heart Now/You Know You Did
1.30 The One You Hurt
1.31 I Can Tell
1.32 I Had a Dream
1.33 I'm Looking for Love
1.34 Gal About Town
1.35 I Didn't Have the Nerve It Took to Go
1.36 Don't Let Your Pride Break Your Heart
1.37 Mexican Joe
1.38 Time Will Tell
1.39 Headin' for Heartaches
1.40 It Hurts Too Much to Laugh
1.41 I Got Lost Along the Way
1.42 I Can't Keep the Girls Away
1.43 Thank You for Calling
1.44 Candle Light
1.45 Pretend You Just Don't Know Me
1.46 I'm a Fool to Care
1.47 Going-Going-Gone!
1.48 Kissing You
1.49 You're the Only Good Thing
1.50 Let Me Hear from You
1.51 Let Me Hear from You
1.52 Hey!
1.53 Fool That I Am
1.54 The Record
1.55 Which One of Us Is to Blame (FT Jeanette Hicks)
1.56 Let's Make Memories Tonight (FT Jeanette Hicks)
1.57 Whirlpool
1.58 Go Ahead and Make Me Cry
1.59 The Most Important Thing
1.60 Can't You Love Me Just a Little
1.61 Blue Mountain Waltz (FT Jeanette Hicks)
1.62 Why Does It Have to Be (FT Jeanette Hicks)
1.63 So Far
1.64 Little Baggy Britches
1.65 Leavin' on My Mind
1.66 I'll Never Stand in Your Way
1.67 Untamed Heart
1.68 Especially for Fools
1.69 If You Were Happy (Then I'm Satisfied)
1.70 Headin' Down the Wrong Highway
1.71 On My Mind Again (; The Crickets)
1.72 Viva la Matador! (; the Crickets)
1.73 Anything Your Heart Desires
1.74 I Care No More
1.75 The Image of Me
1.76 I Need It
1.77 Where My Baby Goes (She Goes with Me)
1.78 Put Your Hand in Mine
1.79 It'll Take a While
1.80 It's Doggone Tough on Me
1.81 Ghost of a Promise
1.82 Love's Got a Hold of Me
1.83 I Dreamed of An Old Love Affair
1.84 Mr. Heartache
1.85 I Thought About You
1.86 The Storm Within My Heart
1.87 One Way Give and Take
1.88 A Woman Like You
1.89 I Call It Heaven (FT Ray Price)
1.90 Forever
1.91 Farewell Party
1.92 Changed My Mind
1.93 Gotta Find a Way
1.94 I'll Be True to You
1.95 Little Lover
1.96 I Wish You Love
1.97 Yes, I've Made It
1.98 Faded Lights and Lonesome People
1.99 Just Call Me Lonesome (From Now on)
1.100 Let's Think About Livin'/Alone with You
1.101 They'll Never Take Her Love from Me
1.102 I Take the Chance
1.103 Guess Things Happen That Way
1.104 (Remember Me) I'm the One Who Loves You
1.105 Molly Darling
1.106 Rockin' Alone (In An Old Rockin' Chair)
1.107 Gonna Find Me a Bluebird
1.108 There Stands the Glass
1.109 Jambalaya
1.110 Charlie's Shoes
1.111 Funny How Time Slips Away
1.112 Joey's Back in Town
1.113 Charlie's Shoes
1.114 Wild Colonial Boy
1.115 I Know I'm Lying
1.116 The Next Voice You Hear
1.117 Willie the Weeper
1.118 It's Me Not Them
1.119 Lovely Hula Hands
1.120 Beggin' for Trouble
1.121 Plaything
1.122 I've Got a New Heartache
1.123 Give Back My Heart
1.124 Ancient History
1.125 Thank You for Calling
1.126 The Man Who Had Everything
1.127 These Arms of Mine
1.128 Throw Me Out
1.129 Storm of Love
1.130 That Would Sure Go Good
1.131 Heart Be Careful
1.132 Circumstances
1.133 It's Lonesome
1.134 The Morning Paper
1.135 Coming Back for More
1.136 Cross the Brazos at Waco
1.137 Down to My Last Cigarette
1.138 It It Pleases You
1.139 I'm So Miserable Without You
1.140 Matamoros
1.141 Samuel Colt
1.142 Blue Moonlight
1.143 Come a Little Bit Closer
1.144 The Gun, the Gold, the Girl
1.145 The Blizzard
1.146 Pancho Villa
1.147 Cattle Call
1.148 Amigo's Guitar
1.149 The Lawman
1.150 Buy Juanita Some Flowers
1.151 I'm Nothin' to You
1.152 Smokey Memories
1.153 Nobody But a Fool
1.154 Pretend You Don't See Me
1.155 Don't Change
6.26 Pretend You Don't See Me
6.27 Don't Change

Billy Walker: Cross the Brazos at Waco

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