Get Electronic With Behind The Scenes Video Of Cut Copy's New Album 'Freeze, Melt'

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       [Cover photo credit to Tamar Levine (@tamarlevine)]

Australian Electronic band Cut Copy have released their sixth studio album, Freeze, Melt, via Cutters Records & The Orchard with an "inward emotional turn" on their new work with an "extended electronic mediation".

According to the band, Freeze, Melt was born from the sub-zero winter in Denmark of 2018 where Dan Whitford was based. Some of the thematic elements they had in mind were "a monochromatic palette, a timeless feel and painterly abstraction during time abroad".

They brought Scandinavia back into the album's DNA by returning it to Gothenburg’s Christoffer Berg (The Knife) to be mixed.

You can watch Part 1 their behind-the-scenes video on making the album below:

Speaking about the album and release, Dan Whitford says: 

It’s the most electronic album we’ve made, but also the least ‘dance’. In the past when we were in the studio we were striving to move people on the dancefloor, but in this case it was all about trying to move people in more of an emotional way

It’s always a special moment when we finally get to share our music with you guys. Making this album has been a slow evolution, from starting to write songs in Copenhagen to collaborating long-distance with bandmates in New York and San Francisco, to finally recording all together in a beautiful forest studio in Park Orchards near Melbourne, to mixing the songs in Sweden and finally getting the mastered album back. It’s been a real journey, and now we finally get to share Freeze, Melt with you!"

The band has also released a number of videos for the album, including "Cold Water":

Cut Copy have recently announced some 2021 tour dates, which you can check out here.

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