Zach Allard Of Discrepancies Talks 'The Rise', Choosing Set Lists & More On Tower's Live Show

Zach Allard from the Rap-Rock band Discrepancies joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, to talk about their latest album release, The Rise, and their experience of 2020 in St. Louis.  It's been an extremely difficult year for them, losing their Producer and friend, Matthew Amelung, to cancer, but finishing the album and bringing it to the world has been part of the process of paying tribute to his work and continuing to believe in themselves as musicians.

Allard shares some of his favorites from the recent album, including performing the song, "Undertow" which is the first one that he personally wrote with the band.

Moore and Allard have an in-depth discussion about how bands usually choose their set lists for live performances and for tours, and Allard explains that for Discrepancies, they actually usually use a group chat on Facebook to each give their suggestions and work through those suggestions together until they come to a final agreement. But they do take into consideration having to perform songs back-to-back, for instance trying not to put too many vocally heavy songs in a row. They also try to balance out rapping songs vs singing songs to give them variety and breaks. Of course, making sure to include some fan-favorites and some unexpected songs is also important to them each performance!

Allard and Moore also discuss the merits of turning former churches into cultural centers! Allard recently visited a church that's been turned into an awesome skate park, and it's Moore's personal dream to turn a former church into a music venue.

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