Wind Rose Creates The 'Ultimate Dance Remix' For Their Metal Hit 'Diggy Diggy Hole'

[Cover photo credit to Tommaso Barletta]

The "dwarven army" Wind Rose have been held up from Metal performances so they've taken off into new zones with the stay-at-home, “solo dance sessions” of those in lockdown.

They say:

"Can’t party with your friends? Feel the beat from your seat! Closed rock clubs and concert venues can’t stop the march of the dwarven army! Expand your musical horizons with the ultimate dance remix of WIND ROSE’s breakthrough single “Diggy Diggy Hole”. Back in 2019, it was probably the most shouted song on open air festival campgrounds. One year later, the “Diggy Diggy Hole”-Mania enters dancing clubs around the world."

They add:

“While metal festivals have been cancelled, some disco clubs remain open! We’re not sure why this is allowed, but if we can’t have metal… then… Challenge Accepted!”

They've also released a more classic video for Drunken Dwarvesfrom their latest album, Wintersaga, out now:

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