What Happens When A Cellphone Fights Back? Roberto Debuts 'Dorrigo' Song & Video

New singer/songwriter Roberto grew up in Indiana and traveled to Mexico by bicycle to reunite with family. As a Half-Black, Half-Mexican artist with Midwest roots, his music takes in various cultures, as you'll hear in his debut single Dorrigo”.

“Dorrigo,” was produced by Miro Mackie (Cold War Kids, St. Vincent), and Daniel Chae (Warner Chappell), and mixed by Nathan Phillips (Frank Ocean, The Neighborhood).

The accompanying video shows Roberto fighting a cellphone in a boxing ring.

Roberto comments:

“DORRIGO is about a love interest I experienced while writing in the studio. Me and my co-writer had such a deep connection until she went back home to Australia. Then I found myself panicking every time my phone went off to see what she was saying. Is she still interested? Did she find someone else? The anxiety was rough but it inspired the song and I hope people can relate and this song puts a smile on their face. I know a lot of people are isolated from loved ones right now."

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