'We Are The New They': Ron English's Rabbbits Take Us Back To Delusionville

We had the amazing pop art icon Ron English on our Tower Records Livestream recently, and he took us on a collector's paradise tour of his vinyl sculpture workshop as well as filling us in on his new album coming up soon from his band, The Rabbbits, called "We Are The New They".

You can watch that video and read the recap here.

Now, the new album is out, the fourth from The Rabbbits, and is taking off on Spotify, iTunes, and other digital platforms. Beyond the music, the album is equally enthralling because it has amazing sculptural and animated detail in videos portraying the animal characters in the songs.

Guest performers take on the different voices of the animals who populate the land of Delusionville. Song “We Are The New They” features Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes as the voice of Paws Wolf, a "shy teenaged canine", and Rhett Miller of the Old ‘97s as the lovesick Forlorn Unicorn.  

Check out the following videos that have been released so far:


And here's some more detail on the previous albums by The Rabbbits and how their narratives form the groundwork for the new release:

This is the fourth installment in the ongoing saga of life in the underground world of Delusionville. The first two albums, In Delusionville and Revolution, told the turbulent origin story of the creation of Delusionville, the mythologies of the early utopia before the expansion of collective consciousness, and the inevitable revolution.

The third Album Elephant tells the story of The Great Orange Elephant that put Delusionville on the brink of Civil War. This, the latest installment, We Are The New They, explores the ever-growing surrealist utopia struggling with the constant influx of new characters into the once stable community.

In the multidimensional upside-down universe of Delusionville, “a beautiful wall between hopes and dreams keeps peasants and protestors from kings and queens.” Think Animal Farm-Meets-Bohemian Rhapsody and dive down the Rabbbithole into Delusionville.

“If you are the new us, we are the new they.”

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