"Under Our Skins, We Are Just Skeletons": Faux Real Releases 'Spooky Bois' & Plays Minecraft Concert On Halloween

Franco-American avant-pop duo Faux Real have released their new single, “Spooky Bois,” which they describe as "uncoincidentally" in time for Halloween. The single arrives with a self-directed companion visual shot by Jack Thompson-Roylance.

Faux Real say:

"At a time of year when the boundary between the faux and the real is more vaporous than ever, Faux Real take a long, hard look at themselves, with X-Rays and a wide-open mind. It is a time to reconnect with the simple truths we face as humans: we are all, somewhere under our skin, just skeletons.‘Spooky Bois’ casts this inner spook against a bigger, scarier, outer spook: the seemingly unstoppable descent of world politics into madness; the invisible hand of the free market choking us in our sleep; capitalism’s skeletons coming out of the closet and haunting us in broad daylight.”

Known for the strength of their mysterious 70’s/80’s glam and Post-Punk live shows, the duo will be performing “Spooky Bois,” along with material from their debut self-titled EP released earlier this year, during a live event via Minecraft on Saturday, October 31 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. For more information, please follow Faux Real on Instagram.

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