Styx's Todd Sucherman Catches The 'Last Flight Home' With Tower Live

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Todd Sucherman joined our Tower Live Instagram show hosted by Dani Pinkus to talk about his debut solo album, Last Flight Home. Sucherman, who is also the drummer for the band Styx, released it in May 2020 and was prompted to finally put together this album after a number of years due to friends’ encouragement. He felt their confidence was misplaced, but eventually they got through to him and he put his creative work down in his own songs. It was “scary territory” but he was ready for it. The result is outstanding!

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  • Bob Jennings

    First off superb interview. All questions spot on. Everything anyone would like to ask him themselves. Hats off. Okay Todd Sucherman. I have followed him since Spinal Tap days to the present. I saw him for the first time with Styx in 1996 in Cedar Rapids Iowa. That was his first tour with them. In my humble opinion through out the years He has helped them grow and flourish to be what the are today. They play so much fatter for lack of a better word. All that being said Todd Sucherman is a musical genius! Everything he touches is gold. Much love and respect sir.

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