Stay Free Recording's Inaugural Release 'Mexican Candy' with Señor Kino and Margaritas Podridas

Stay Free Recordings is set to release a new vinyl single on February 12th, composed of two bands from Sonora, Mexico - Señor Kino and Margaritas Podridas - as part of a series of thirty-two ‘Mexican Candy’ singles hoping to shed light on local music from all of Mexico’s thirty-two regions. While each region and band have their own musical, and regional, idiosyncrasies, they all fall under the same indie/shoegaze/grunge umbrella; Jon Halperin and Rene Contreras founded the Viva! Pomona music festival in 2012 to serve a similar purpose and are expecting that this string of releases will bolster interest in Mexican artists, as well as in the growing indie music communities of Mexico. 

Stay Free Recordings was started by Halperin in 2020: While booking slowed in 2020, Jon bought a portable record player and spent his evenings listening to records on his patio. Mostly singles. Jon decided that he wanted to start another record label, only this tme, singles only and editions of 200 only, no represses.” 

Contreras and Halperin worked together on Viva! Pomona over the last decade, enabling hundreds of Mexican musicians to perform for their first time in the United States, and began to collaborate on this new project over the course of the lockdown in 2020.

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