Scout Durwood Explains Why She Doesn't Want To Hold UR Baby On Tower's Live Show

Singer/songwriter and comedian Scout Durwood joined our Tower Instagram Live show to talk with host Dani Pinkus about the songs and videos we'll find on the recently released Digital Video Series and  EP Comedy Electronica Vol 1. from Blue Elan.

For Durwood's work, the visual and the musical are closely interconnected, and they all reflect commentary on social expectations and niceties, including things like the pressure women feel to hold everyone else's baby. While the song "I Don't Want to Hold UR Baby" confronts that assumption, Durwood also plays on irrational fears about lesbians, playfully confirming them with "Steal UR Girlfriend".

In this lively and wide-ranging discussion, Durwood also reveals her entry into music from the comedy world via trying out for a performance of RENT, and her experiences working in New York and LA, from the theater world to the musical world. Also look out for Scout Durwood's appearance in Oxygen's docu-series Funny Girls about female stand up comedians. 


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