Rick Shea Brings 'Love & Desperation' To Tower's Live Show + Performance!

Singer/songwriter and longtime acoustic and electric guitar player Rick Shea joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, to introduce us to his latest album, Love & Desperation, and play several of his new songs.

The album itself is so appropriate to our times, with "Big Rain Is Comin' Mama" even connecting directly with its themes of big storms hitting New Orleans coinciding with yet another hurricane strike to the city. His song "The World's Gone Crazy" was actually written a couple of years ago but is more relevant now than ever.

Shea's new album was recorded under quarantine conditions, with him setting up the vocals with a click track, sending them to his compatriots to add their layers. Remarkably, the album still sounds very "live" due to the artistry of all the contributors. Shea reflects that right now, dealing with these stressful times, if you're a musician, spending time with your instruments seems to "do a lot for you" to help deal with life, so he strongly advises it.

Some of the songs Rick Shea performs on the show are "Big Rain Is Comin' Mama", "Love & Desperation", and "Blues Stop Knockin' at My Door". Shea also performs live on Facebook each Saturday evening and you should check out his shows!

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