'Planet Gold': Sofiane Pamart Reaches Out To The Cities Of The World On Tower's Live Show

French Pianist, composer, solo artist and Hip-Hop collaborator Sofiane Pamart joined our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, to chat about his new singles "Ha Long Bay" and "Nara" which mark his US debut, and also his LP Planet Gold, which arrived for streaming on October 30th and on CD November 30th. This is actually a deluxe, expanded edition for international release, with the original version released in France in 2019. 

Pamart gives us a bird's eye view of his musical career so far and explains that he has a longstanding connection to Rap and feels that the piano is a natural element to bring to the genre. Most of the songs Pamart has worked on recently have connections to places that he has visited all over the world, including "Nara" which is dedicated to the holy city in Japan.

It's particularly special to Pamart that people who are from the cities he highlights on Planet Gold have given him feedback that his songs really capture the city for them and ring true of their relationships to these special places, like with "Medellin" and "Sicilia".

Pamart has actually seen an increase in followers and audiences listening to his music during this quarantine period and he's felt particularly close to his audiences during this time, receiving a lot of messages and support.

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