Pete Krebs Shares Stories From The Road On Tower's Live Show & Introduces 'All My Friends Are Ghosts'

Singer/songwriter Pete Krebs joined our Tower Instagram Live show from Portland, Oregon, to talk with host Whitney Moore about his new album All My Friends Are Ghosts, his first album release of new material in 20 years, currently available from Cavity Search Records.

A former member of the Sub Pop-published band Hazel, Pete Krebs has continued to be a performer and professional musician during this intermediary period, often working with his band The Gossamer Wings (who also feature on the new album). Krebs also faced a life-changing battle with cancer and emerging from this struggle has been part of completing and releasing the new album.

Krebs gives us a window on what it's like to teach his guitar students online at the moment, rather than face-to-face, and shares stories from working alongside a wide array of musicians on now-famous tours. Sometimes the best stories, though, and the best memories, just come from being on the road and spending time with other interesting musicians, he reveals.

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