Moonspell Will Play A Live & Streaming Halloween Show Under A Full Moon In Portugal

[Cover and below photo credit to Jiana Carrico Photography]

Gothic Metal band Moonspell have announced that they will perform a special live Halloween show, taking place in the South of Portugal in an ancient town named Beja, on October 31, 2020.

At the local theatre, Pax Julia, originally built in 1928, the band will deliver their annual brand of Halloween to the world: An exclusive, socially distanced live concert for 300 guests that can also be witnessed virtually by the "wolfpack" worldwide.

Under Halloween's full moon, the show will begin at 1:30 PM PDT/4:30 PM EDT. Fans will have the chance to watch live and also to comment.

Via the virtual streaming link available at the platform BOL fans can watch the event live or watch or rewatch the event for 48 hours after the end of the show.

You can get your virtual ticket here. You can get an upgraded ticket + merch bundle at: or on (You need to already have a valid ticket to upgrade).

The show will run under "strict hygiene guidelines and precautions:, with a minimum "social distance requirement of 1.5-2m", and attendees will be required to wear masks onsite.

The band recently commented on their first live experience during quarantine:

"Under a beautiful Portuguese sky we returned to our live performances. Congrats to the Wolfpack, whom even with a mask and sitting down, took our wolfheart to tragic heights. Thanks also for being so civilized, observing the rules while enjoying the show. Without you there‘s no tomorrow. Kudos to the promoter, city hall and all the technicians and security.”

They add, about their Halloween show:

"From Beja, Portugal, to the world out there, we are proud to present you HALLOWEEN 2.0, the event Moonspell fans have eagerly awaited for!"

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