Mise En Scene's Stef Johnson Takes Tower's Live Show To Winnepeg, California

Winnipeg, CA (Canada!)-based band Mise en Scene have a new album coming up soon on October 9th, titled Winnipeg, California, and one half of the all-female duo, Stef Johnson, joined our Tower Live show for an intimate power-chat about their album, singles, and videos.

There's just so much to talk about! First there's there lead single and video "Dollar Dreams", which really does feature an actual place called "Garbage Hill", then there's "High School Feeling", which Stef Johnson tells us all about filming in an actual high school on off-hours, and then there's the way in which the band's songwriting approach has changed over the years as they get to the point where they can predict what the other member's sonic approach will be. Whatever their approach, their focus on making relatable and strong Rock-tradition influenced music melts the hearts of fans.


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