Lowell Moves Into Singer/Songwriter Territory Again With 'Lemonade', Hints At 2021 Album

Songwriter Lowell has moved into releasing her own music again as a singer/songwriter, having earned a double platinum (“Not A Love Song” by Bülow) and a gold (“Selfish” by Madison Beer) certified plaque.

She has recently released the single Lemonade, about "toxic positivity". “Lemonade” is the first single from an album that’s due in early 2021.

Lowell's debut EP was Produced by Martin Terefe and featured collaborations with members of Coldplay, A-Ha and Mew and since moving to LA, she has been working with Pop artists like Hailee Steinfeld, JoJo, Demi Lovato, Lennon Stella and Charlie Puth.

Lowell also co-wrote Bloodthirsty, a 2020 Canadian horror feature film about a young vegan indie singer, who finds herself turning into a werewolf under the pressure of recording her anticipated second album. The film features several new songs, including “Lemonade”.

It was accepted into Frontieres at Cannes and will premiere at both Fantastic Fest in Austin TX and Fantasia in Montreal.

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