Jónsi Concocts Solo Album 'Shiver' For October Release, Launches 'Swill' Single & Video

Jónsi Birgisson, artist and frontman of Sigur Rós, has announced that we'll soon be receiving a new solo album, Shiver, on October 2nd via Krunk.

The previous solo album, Go Do, which attracted a huge following, was released over a decade ago. This one's going to feature some high-powered guests including vocalists Liz Fraser of the Cocteau Twins and Robyn, and is produced by PC Music founder A. G. Cook.

A new song from the record, “Swill” has been releaed alongside a video by Barnaby Roper and animated by Pandagunda.

The new album is said to "plumb the depths of the human experience and our connection to the natural world", which sounds familiar in relationship to the themes of Go Do.

In 2019 Jónsi had his first solo art installation at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in Los Angeles where his installation work explored the depths of sound. Jónsi has expanded his artistic practice over the past few years in a series of collaborations with visual artists such as Doug Aitken, Olafur Eliasson, Merce Cunningham and most recently the artist and composer Carl Michael von Hausswolf with whom he formed the musical duo Dark Morph.

Jónsi is also known to have other areas of research and experimentation as an artist, including a "years-long study of scent and perfume", which he combined with his installation art, where each of his artworks at his exhibition had its own scent.

What a Renaissance man! We look forward to Shiver's arrival.

Here's our track listing:

  1. Exhale
  2. Shiver
  3. Cannibal (with Liz Fraser)
  4. Wildeye
  5. Sumarið Sem Aldrei Kom
  6. Kórall
  7. Salt Licorice (with Robyn)
  8. Hold
  9. Swill
  10. Grenade
  11. Beautiful Boy

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