Find Out Why Jeffertitti Moon Is 'Non Genre' & Embraces 'The Entire Universe' On Tower's Live Show

Jeffertitti Moon is the mastermind behind the project Jeffertitti's Nile and several other musical experiments, and he joined our Tower Instagram Live Show, hosted by Whitney Moore, to have a wide-ranging conversation about his current life and musical goals.

At the moment, Moon has just released an expansive 27-track digital album titled Non Genre which was recorded purely during the quarantine period, and it may see physical release as a double-vinyl in 2021. With the indie label Nomad Eel, Moon has also released The Entire Universe, a 7 song album that originally appeared digitally in 2018, as a vinyl record in different variants. Nomad Eel may also be the label for Non Genre's vinyl format in 2021.

Moon was very candid about the fear and sense of dread that he's been dealing with in Southern California throughout quarantine, particularly with concerns of police violence, to the point where sometimes he just had to isolate himself with friends and watch calming TV shows.

But the unrest has not prevented him from addressing creativity, working with his home studio on his own music and music with friends. While the digital world can be a blessing and a curse, it does enable musicians to have some remote correspondence with each other to complete songs and keep things moving.

Moon and Moore also discuss the merits of coffee enemas at length! If you've been considering a cleanse, this might help sway you, since Moon has plenty of advice about how to keep things zen and bring the most "joy" to your life, even in unlikely ways!

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