'Dream On' With Icelander JFDR And Her New EP

Icelandic musician Jófríður Ákadóttir, better known as JFDR, has announced her latest solo musical offering: the Dream On EP out November 27th 2020. The new release builds upon New Dreams, her LP released earlier this year via her own imprint White Sun Recording

The announcement of Dream On comes alongside the release of the video for single "Drifter", directed by Emily Avila. The video was filmed in Brisbane where JFDR has been since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Lead single "Drifter" is also performed by two frequent collaborators, JFDR's twin sister Ásthildur Ákadóttir and cellist Gyða Valtýsdóttir (Múm).

JFDR says about Dream On:

“New Dreams came out as coronavirus burst and the world was changing dramatically. I was about to go on tour but wasn't quite ready and so I was secretly relieved. Much later, I thought about all the things that didn't happen and I decided to investigate that space - the result is the EP you're about to hear, Dream On. It's a study on new dreams, a way to indulge in it. A kind of alternative version you might hear live. Unheard ideas coming to life, and now I can close that chapter and move along to the next and the next and the next.”

Emily Avila says, regarding the making of the video for “Drifter”:

“Making the video Drifter felt special - perhaps because it was all shot in the original 1898 Queenslander home where her husband grew up, maybe because Jofridur wears her grandmother’s actual wedding dress in the clip, maybe because I got to carry my own baby Esme on set with me whilst directing, or maybe just because Jofridur brings the magic and when she performs she is completely transfixing. It was electrifying and effortless and made with love.”

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