Dorian Concept Launches Alt, Out, And One-Takes On 'The Jitters' EP Via Brainfeeder

Flying Lotus' label Brainfeeder has released The Jitters, an EP from Dorian Concept (Oliver T. Johnson).

Inspired in part by his live performance videos that he regularly posts on social media, the Austrian composer/producer has collected  "alt/out/one-takes" that showcase his stylings, including “Eigendynamik (Elevator Version)” that  original appeared on Brainfeeder’s 10th anniversary compilation in 2018, “Booth Thrust (Live)”, and solo piano piece “One for the Wandering Mind.”

Oliver T. Johnson gives us some in-depth commentary on the release:

“The idea for this project came to me when I was sifting through outtakes from my last album The Nature of Imitation. I always get this weird feeling of dissociation after finishing a record.

Tracks I didn't want to put on the album or sessions I thought were underdeveloped now appeared to me to be the most interesting ones. It feels like these little moments can – when looking back at them with some distance – essentially capture the core of an album.

With this record I wanted to highlight the fact that there is often more than just one version of songs that I put out. Next to alternate studio versions, I also love to develop live renditions that also have their own structure, arrangement and feel. Instead of presenting a collection of tracks that didn't make my last album, I wanted to showcase the moments that created them in the first place: to somehow capture the creative energy and improvisational spark that helps me ultimately to ‘get there’.”

Johnson contributed production to Thundercats The Golden Age of Apocalypse, played keys on Flying Lotus’ seminal album Cosmogramma, and toured in the live bands of both FlyLo and The Cinematic Orchestra.

On Brainfeeder, he has also released The Nature of Imitation. Most recently, he collaborated with the ensembles for contemporary music Klangforum Wien, composing and performing a piece called “Hyperopia” at TRANSART Festival 2020 in Austria.

You can check out the trailer here:

And here's our tracklisting for The Jitters EP:

  1. Eigendynamik (Elevator Version)
  2. A Mother's Lament (Alt Take)
  3. Booth Thrust (Live)
  4. Failures III
  5. J Buyers (Acoustic Version)
  6. E13 (Alt Take)
  7. One For The Wandering Mind
  8. Pedestrians (Fun Band Version) 

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