Dirt Miller Advocates For Sobriety In 'Blinded By Substance' Single & Video


Los Angeles-based Alt-Folk singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Dirt Miller has released a new single, "Blinded By Substance", along with a music video that he directed himself.

Both the single and the video tell Miller's story of "going from an addict to a sober visionary, who's sharing his experience with the world, in hopes of creating more hope for those who need it". Dirt Miller explains, “The vibe of the song is a symphony of sound bringing back real live music and instrumentation. The inspiration…the raw and real of my life.”

Jonathan Windbush, a graphic artist who works on major motion pictures, like the Marvel movies, helped Miller bring the video to life. 

On this collaboration and the video as a whole, Miller says:

"Having him [Jonathan Windbush] on board was a major blessing. Jonathan really saw and interpreted what was already in my head, and seldom does that collaboration happen so effortlessly. In the end, I wanted to create a video different from everyone else. Originally, my plan was to create a candid glimpse into the life of an addict with real-life explicit content. Basically the REAL shit that’s going on... but I don’t think people could handle it.

If I had it my way, the video would’ve been much more explicit than it was, but instead I decided to tone it down for public consumption. Having a team around me that really “gets me” and is able to interpret and all collaborate together effectively is key. It allows me to be free as an artist and to communicate my music alongside visual content in a way that feels authentic. My hope is this video will resonate with my fans similarly as the music already has."


  • barbara rhoades

    wow. I am always here but where were you?

  • Brad Jefferson

    Putting The Whiskey down has cleared your Head, which makes you one Bad Ass Dude and makes you so, so much better then DIrt Dead. Keep up the good fight, your Awesome

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