Cold War Kids Take Us 'Somewhere' As We Get Ready For New Age Norms 2

Cold War Kids have released a new single, “Somewhere", from their upcoming album New Age Norms 2.

Cold War Kids’ Nathan Willett introduces the song:

“I love this song. It’s very uplifting, but it has a sadness to it, a rock-iness that’s almost feminine and soulful. The line, I knew you were crazy/The night you shaved your head, my wife had this long, long hair and then shaved her head really short. Sometimes when you’re writing, little things pop up and you think, is that going to make sense? That’s to me the great thing about writing, when you can do something that’s very much based on a real thing but can be interpreted however by the listener.”

The single is accompanied by an "official visualizer" video, shot by filmmaker Mezzy (Lil Peep: Everybody’s Everything, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboy Carti), who has teamed up with the band to shoot visuals for all 8 tracks on the album, including a video for album opening “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now”, and two separate cuts for the song “You Already Know”.

New Age Norms 2 arrives on August 21st and is part of the trilogy that kicked off with New Age Norms 1.

Cold War Kids are heralding the arrival of New Age Norms 2 with “Track by Track” commentaries from the band members. Behind-the-scenes looks at “Somewhere” and “You Already Know” are now on YouTube; additional commentaries will be rolled out in the weeks leading up the album’s release.

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