Bring Back That Live Performance Feel With Black Mekon's 'The Lumpiness Of Demand' On Tower's Live Show

The masked music makers of Black Mekon ambushed our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, all the way from Birmingham, UK, to introduce us to their new release, The Lumpiness of Demand, and talk about what life has been like on the other side of the pond for the past few months. No live shows in the immediate future over there, sadly!

But Black Mekon have been making the best of things by recording new videos and exploring the AV side of their identity as a band. There's also the fact that they continue to stay true to their founding principles of staying as "infantile" as possible in their enthusiasm, energy, and creativity, even if friends may joke that they haven't gotten any "better" over time. It's that commitment to keeping that rougher edge to their music alive which continues to define them as Post-Punk and very much live performance driven.

Would they come to LA to make a video with Whitney Moore? Most definitely. There's just that little problem of a global standstill. Meanwhile, make sure to check out The Lumpiness of Demand, which might help remind you what the energy of live performance brings to our lives.

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