Release of Allie Crow Buckley's Debut Album 'Moonlit and Devious'

Allie Crow Buckley’s debut album ‘Moonlit and Devious’ comes out on March 12th - the title track, of the same name, has already been released on Spotify. This single stylistically exemplifies the rest of the album, described by Buckley as “a love song… Though sonically it takes on a rather menacing feel, I think that illustrates the duality of a relationship well; there’s a sort of moonlit devoted side, and a mischievous and devious side, this push and pull of independence and devotion.” In January she released another single called ‘Nothing Sacred’ which was followed by a black-and-white music video.‘Moonlit and Devious’ was sung and produced by Buckley in collaboration with Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley, Conor Oberst) and Mike Viola (Jenny Lewis, JS Ondara), accompanied with contributions from Sharon Van Etten, guitarist Dylan Day (Nick Hakim, Ethan Gruska), and keyboard player Lee Pardini (Dawes, Cass McCombs). She takes inspiration from her earlier career as a dancer, as she does from her life-long interest in poetry and music; artists like Black Sabbath, Joni Mitchell, and Todd Rundgren are united with poets like Robert Graves, William Blake, and Robert Penn Warren - meshed together, she creates a sound from heavy, rugged guitar notes, dreamy synths, soaring melodies, and deep low end.

Perhaps more unusual is her curiosity in mythology and how she employs it in her music. Her travels around the Mediterranean play a significant role in the creation of this album: “So much of the record was inspired by my travels through these small villages where the Etruscan people once lived, in Tuscany… the Etruscan people created these long winding pathways carved deep into the earth, to be closer to the goddess, or ‘mother earth’. It was a heavy zone, and thick with energy. A dark and majestic place, I felt very reverent being there.” Unsettling and remarkably opaque sounds are created through the use of the Yamaha Reface CS and Wurlitzer Funmaker Organ, “The songs were written on synth bass, and organ. Within the recording process, the focus was to be open to the magic of the moment, and let that dictate where the song went.” As a result, the whole album is defined by its haunting melody.  

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