Alaska Reid's 'Big Bunny' EP Is The Diary Of A Montana Upbringing

[Cover photo credit to Audrey Hall]

Alaska Reid, who is also known for her band Aleyska, is exploring solo work on her upcoming Big Bunny EP, a "collection of short stories in songs" out December 11th from Terrible Records.

The Montana-native, Los Angeles-based artist has released the single and video for Oblivion from the EP. The track was Produced by A. G. Cook (Charli XCX, Jónsi, PC Music) and Rodaidh McDonald (David Byrne, Adele, The xx). the video for “Oblivion” was directed by Alaska’s sister, actress/artist Lilliya Scarlett.

Alaska explains about the video:

“We had enough money for fake blood and a bit for editing by Clayton Pettet. The girls in my video are friends from my and my sister's childhood. Just us freezing our asses off in the snow of Albertsons parking lot & sliding on ice. 'Oblivion' spans my life so far -- Montana, LA, London -- a ‘girl versus the world’ story that I roped all these special people and elements of life into."

The EP itself tells tales about both sisters growing up in Montana chasing rabbits, singing in local bars and at rodeos, and Alaska’s eventual move to Los Angeles, "grappling with a sense of displacement between her two homes".

She comments:

“I think feeling lost is a big part of it, but also feeling tough and sad at the same time. Also there are moments I try to capture the feeling of content and the bittersweet imperfection of it.”

I’ve been scuttling around the scene since I was 14, first as an Americana/country chick and then as a band chick, and now I’m arriving at a more unfiltered self. Some of these songs have grown up with me. I’m excited to release them because the lyrics mean something to me, but also because it has been a long time in the works. It’s a diary of my life.”

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