A Dream Of Freedom: RYAN Playground Introduces New Project TDJ On Tower's Live Show

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TDJ is a new project by RYAN Playground, and both are monikers of the Montreal-based artist Genevieve Ryan Martel. Martel joins our Tower Instagram Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, to give us an insider's view of all of her projects, how they interrelate, and what her upcoming plans may be. 

We can expect more Pop/Punk inspired music from RYAN Playground, but TDJ stems from Martel's experiences as a DJ at clubs and events, delving more deeply into those sounds and traditions. Her single "Quest for Glory", out now, illustrates that sonic direction. Much of what is coming up for TDJ right now stems from Martel's sense of allowing oneself to dream and explore possibilities. Even her music video for "Quest for Glory" shows planes and flying, things that seem very far away and impossible right now due to lockdown restrictions, but that's exactly what makes them a perfect metaphor for dreaming and the freedom we feel in dreams!

The TDJ1001 EP is out now, and the full TDJ1001 album will be released on October 30th.

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  • Aman Fahimullah

    Thanks for this interview!! Love TDJ!

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