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Blu-ray Disc (also known as Blu-ray or BD) is an optical disc storage media format. Its main uses are high-definition video and data storage and it has the same dimensions as a standard DVD or CD.

The Blu-ray format was developed to enable recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video, as well as storing large amounts of data. This extra capacity combined with the use of advanced video and audio codecs will offers consumers an unprecedented high definition experience.

Like the HD DVD, Blu-ray uses a blue-violet laser. Due to its ability to scan data using a shorter wavelength, substantially more data can be stored on a Blu-ray Disc than on a standard DVD format, which uses a red laser. This technology allows for a Blu-ray disc to hold five times more information than a DVD.

The recent format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD has rendered Blu-ray the standard disc format for high definition video and therefore the leading carrier for high definition information to consumers.


  • Recording capacity: 23.3GB/25GB/27GB
  • Laser wavelength: 405nm (blue-violet laser)
  • Lens numerical aperture (NA): 0.85
  • Data transfer rate: 36Mbps
  • Disc diameter: 120mm
  • Disc thickness: 1.2mm (optical transmittance protection layer: 0.1mm)
  • Recording format: Phase change recording
  • Tracking format: Groove recording
  • Tracking pitch: 0.32um
  • Shortest pit length: 0.160/0.149/0.138um
  • Recording phase density: 16.8/18.0/19.5Gbit/inch2
  • Video recording format MPEG2 video
  • Audio recording format: AC3, MPEG1, Layer2, etc.
  • Video and audio multiplexing format: MPEG2 transport stream
  • Cartridge dimension: Approximately 129 x 131 x 7mm

For more information on the Blu-ray format, please visit Wikipedia: Link Will Open A New Window

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