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Best of 2007 Video
Relive the best of the past year in Movies, TV series and DVD releases by browsing through Tower Video’s top DVDs of 2007, featuring our Video Guru’s top selections of 2007, customer favorites, top sellers, and more.
Our Picks The Top 100 DVDs of 2007
Top DVDs Of The Year
Our favorite DVDs of 2007 made us think, wonder and explore - from the breathtaking BBC epic that showed viewers worldwide just how beautiful and precious our Planet Earth really is to a former vice president turned filmmaker exposing the Inconvenient Truth about global warming. Children and adults alike gobbled up a Pixar-size serving of Ratatouille and Superbad awkward teenage memories were invoked when we watched the latest from Seth Rogan and his comedy collective. We explored the little known works of masters such as Bergman and Almodovar and rediscovered classic Graduates and Taxi Drivers celebrating their anniversaries with special editions and bonus features. 2007 delivered over 40 new titles from the Criterion Collection and some of the most wondrous and exciting DVD collections of all time! Check out our Video Guru’s top 100 picks of 2007 featuring the best DVDs of the past year. 
Babel (DVD) ~ Cate Blanchett (actor) Cover Art Babel (DVD) ~ Cate Blanchett (actor) Cover Art Pan's Labyrinth (DVD) ~ Doug Jones (actor) Cover Art Babel (DVD) ~ Cate Blanchett (actor) Cover Art Once (DVD) ~ Glen Hansard (actor) Cover Art
Customer's Choice The Top 100 DVD Bestsellers of 2007
Customer's Choice Of The Year
2007 DVD sales resulted in an unusual battle for top spot between The Secret, Rhonda Byrne’s surprise self-help bestseller (both in video and in book form) and the BBC’s breathtaking and groundbreaking Planet Earth TV mini-series. To round out the top 5 bestselling DVDs of this past year, add a dash of Eric Clapton and his Crossroads Music Festival concert DVD, toss in a cuisine-loving rat named Ratatouille and season with laughter and a touch of ventriloquism with Jeff Dunham’s Spark of Insanity. See all the top movies, TV series and DVD collections that Tower customers raved about this year by checking out the complete list of the top 100 bestselling DVDs of 2007
Customer's Choice Of The Year Heroes - Season One (DVD) ~ Milo Ventimiglia (actor) Cover Art Heroes - Season One (DVD) ~ Milo Ventimiglia (actor) Cover Art Ratatouille (DVD) ~ Patton Oswalt (voice) Cover Art Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series (DVD) ~ David Attenborough... Cover Art Customer's Choice Of The Year Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series (DVD) ~ David Attenborough... Cover Art

What was your favorite DVD of 2007?

Planet Earth
The Bourne Ultimatum
Pan’s Labyrinth

What was your favorite Television release on DVD in 2007?

Office Season 3
Lost Complete Third Series
Twin Peaks - The Definitive Gold Box Edition
30 Rock Season 1
My So-Called Life: The Complete Series

What movie were you happiest to see finally get a DVD release in 2007:

The Heiress
Beatles – Help
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse

Which format will you use to watch your favorite movies on DVD in 2008?

Standard DVD
Blu-Ray DVD
Amazing DVD
Design Creations!
Full House: The Complete Series Collection (DVD) ~ Bob Saget (ac... Cover Art 2007 was the year that DVD box sets broke new design ground … and defied packaging conventions! Blade Runner, Six Feet Under, and even an actual “ Full House” were released to thrill, amaze and shake up our DVD collections. Go to the List

Best in Music & Concert DVDs 2007!
Crossroads: Eric Clapton Guitar Festival 2007 (DVD) ~ Eric Clapt... Cover Art Some of our most popular DVD titles this year were Music and Concert DVDs – from Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival to the digitally restored Beatles’ masterpiece, Help! We received VIP backstage passes to Elton John’s 60th Birthday Concert and Celine Dion’s Live in Las Vegas performance and paid tribute to Pavarotti Forever. Go to the List

Customer’s Choice! Your favorite DVDs
of 2007!
The Secret (Extended Edition) (DVD) ~ Ivan Zubcic (actor) Cover ArtThere is no Secret about it, 2007 was the year of movies and DVDs that made us think, wonder and explore!  From the BBC’s breathtaking Planet Earth and Guillermo del Toro’s visual stunning Pan’s Labyrinth to breakout television series Heroes and the beautifully hilarious Ugly Betty.
Click here to see the complete list of our customer’s favorite DVDs of the past year and don’t forget to check out our Video Guru’s top picks for the best DVD releases of 2007. Go to the List
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