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Best Music CDs of 2008

The Next Big Things: Best Debut CDs of 2008

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Youth Novels (CD) ~ Lykke Li Cover Art
Youth Novels (CD)
Lykke Li

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Swedish indie rock sensation Lykke Li has charms audiences with her childlike vocals and poppy beats. Li writes songs are wholly sing-alongable, but will also keep you moving!
Partie Traumatic (CD) ~ Black Kids (Artist) Cover Art
Partie Traumatic
Black Kids
Red Int / Red Ink

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Florida natives Black Kids may have a contentious name but there is no quarrel over their hit-making style. These kids have a real knack for mixing a little R & B with the Cure, and boiling it down to crowd-pleasing indie rock.
Hercules and Love Affair (CD) ~ Hercules & Love Affair (Artist... Cover Art
Hercules & Love Affair
Hercules & Love Affair
Mute U.S.

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This New York based project, led by DJ Andy Butler, blends disco with house and squarely hits the mark. Great melodies, great beats, a a celebratory dancehall sound has led the innovative group to be well-received all over the world.
Remind Me in 3 Days (CD) ~ The Knux (Artist) Cover Art
Remind Me in 3 Days
E Pluribus Unum (Uni

In Stock
These New Orleans natives take hip-hop in a new direction, listing Led Zeppelin and the Strokes as influences. Blending old-school styles with grungy guitar and often playing their own instruments, they've created a raw brand of hip hop that's less about bling, and more about music.
Voyager (CD) ~ Walter Meego (Artist) Cover Art
Walter Meego
Almost Gold

In Stock
Whereas most groups that endeavor to combine dance music with a hummable tune seem heavily weighted toward the dance-end of the equation, savvy Chicago-based songsmiths Walter Meego, are unabashedly pop in their constitution. "Voyager", the group's debut, is rollicking ride through `80s electro-funk, buzzing guitar riffs, and lovelorn lyrics.
Fleet Foxes (CD) ~ Fleet Foxes (Artist) Cover Art
Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes
Sub Pop

In Stock
One of the most gorgeous albums of the year, Fleet Foxes overflow with warmth and folksy charm. These scruffy, bearded gentlemen will win your heart with their enchanting vocals and stunning harmonies.
Santogold (CD) ~ Santogold (Artist) Cover Art

In Stock
Before becoming Santogold, Sandi White studied Cuban and West African hand-drumming and sang in a punk band. Her ecclectic tastes meld with electronic beats to form dancehall athems that have already rocked Madison Square Garden!
Friendly Fires (CD) ~ Friendly Fires (Artist) Cover Art
Friendly Fires
Friendly Fires
Beggars Xl Recording

In Stock
Friendly Fires debut album is a collection of creative instrumentation, great riffs, and beats that will move you. Definitely an accessible album, it's hard to find something wrong with Friendly Fires - aptly listener-friendly!
Does You Inspire You (CD) ~ Chairlift (Artist) Cover Art
Does You Inspire You
Kanine Records

In Stock
This startingly impressive debut album owes much of its success to an i-Pod commercial. Despite this "commercial appeal," Chairlift remains a wonderful definition of indie pop. Vocalist Caroline Polachek steals the show, a breathy virtuoso not seen since they hey-day of Kate Bush!
Vampire Weekend (CD) ~ Vampire Weekend (Artist) Cover Art
Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend
Xl Recordings

In Stock
Vampire Weekend blend peppy falsettos and African drumming influences to form an indie rock sensation. With charming lyrics, tuneful hooks and catchy beats, these Columbia graduates are the culmination of New York hip.
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